yoga and ayurveda retreat in kerala, india

*RYT Certified 100 Hour Continuing Education

Are you interested in improving your health through a natural, holistic approach designed specifically for your health needs?

Are you ready to go beyond yoga asanas as they are taught in the West to deeply understand the principles of Ayurveda and Yoga?

Join Peter Francyk for a transformative retreat that will deepen your practice of yoga as you receive personalized Ayurvedic treatment. Take time to heal yourself while exploring these sister sciences which have been used together for over 4,000 years to promote health and address disease. This is a one-of-a-kind experience that is completely tailored to address your health, your questions, and your desire for understanding of the Self.

*This retreat is now RYT Certified for 100 Hours CE, which means you can add 100 Hours to whatever RYT certification you currently have or have in the future.


Over the course of your treatment, you will be assessed by Drs. P. Sathyanarayanan and Suma Sathyanarayanan at Aditya Ayurvedic Hospital, be prescribed specific herbal medications to balance your doshas, and receive specific ayurvedic herbal treatments that address your unique condition. You will have the opportunity for daily consultations with Peter and your doctors regarding ayurveda in general, your specific health needs, and the appropriate ayurvedic treatments for you. Twice daily group yoga sessions are designed to allow you to balance your unique constitution and health concerns.


The simultaneous experience of receiving ayurvedic health treatments, with daily yoga education and practice, and lectures on ayurveda, allows you to develop a deep understanding of the nature of healing through ayurveda and yoga. You will leave this retreat with a personalized plan for maintaining an ayurvedic/yogic approach to health when you return to your daily life. If you are a yoga teacher or health care provider, you will expand your knowledge of the ayurvedic approach to health care.


Every moment of the time you spend with Peter and the family of healers at Aditya Ayurveda Hospital will be imbued with Spirit. This will be an experience of deep healing, rarified teachings, and profound realizations. Guided pranayama and meditation, along with deeply embodied and reflective yoga asana practice each morning and afternoon, will support you to fully relax and restore while at Aditya. You will be encouraged to rest, to take time for contemplation, meditation, or prayer, to enjoy walks in the surrounding nature, and to write, draw, daydream, and sleep. This will be a time of connecting deeply with Spirit as the source of healing and rejuvenation. You will also find yourself connected to the lifesource of Kerala as you experience firsthand the beauty of sacred pujas, Bharata Natyam dance, Kathakali theater dance, and Kalari demonstrations.

Typical daily schedule: 6am: awake to the music of local Hindu and Muslim temples as one of the staff members brings your morning medicine (tailored to your constitution and specific health concerns, made on site according to traditional Ayurvedic recipe)

6:30am: Morning Yoga Practice Peter will lead the group through a gentle meditative practice that involves fascial unwinding, gentle asana, pranayama and short meditation.

8 am: Breakfast A delicious traditional Keralan breakfast of dosas and idlies with a mild curry will be brought to your doorstep each morning. These meals are made to give your body the nutrition it needs while keeping balancing the doshas and giving your digestive system a rest.

9am-1pm: Treatment This is the portion of the day when most people will receive Ayurvedic treatment tailored to individual needs, and may include: Medicated oil massage of entire body (abhyanga), oil poured in a steady stream over the forehead (shirodhara), oil or other specialized mixture poured in a specific pattern over the entire body for 30-40 minutes (dhara), and many others.

1pm: Lunch Traditional Keralan lunch of red rice and several different delicious curries followed by buttermilk

2pm: class Vidya (a local ayurvedic practitioner) will teach the group the basics of Ayurveda, so that when participants leave they have a working knowledge of how to apply the principles to their life.

3-5pm: Personal Time Participants can spend time alone in their rooms, get online and check email, etc, read or walk around the lush grounds of the treatment center or into the neighborhoods beyond.

5-7pm: Evening Yoga session Peter will lead the group through a more active Vinyasa style class in his signifiture style, with heavy focus on aligment and integrity with the breath. Students are encouraged to go at their own pace, and participation is always optional.

7pm: Dinner A traditional south Indian meal of doshas and curry along with a small salad.

Pricing: $2400 if all deposits paid on time ($2600 thereafter) The first payment of $500 is due October 31th to hold your spot. ($600 after due date) The second payment of $500 is due November 30th. ($550 after due date) The third payment of $500 is due December 15th. ($550 after due date) The final payment of $900 is due in U.S. dollars upon arrival in India.

Please note that full ayurvedic Panchakarma takes at least 28 days. Although the retreat offered covers only 14 days of treatment, longer stay options are available.

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